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Lighting Control

Simply turning lights on and off has never been the ideal way to use lighting in any room. Most of the time it is either too bright, or too dark.

Most rooms have a number of different uses. Different lighting is required for these activities. Sometimes you need a good level of light carefully directed to the task in hand, such as cooking; other times a more subtle light level is required to create a cosy romantic feel.Your lighting can match your own flexibility by configuring multiple lighting scenes to correspond to the activities supported. 

An Intelligent lighting control system allows the mood of any room to be altered at the touch of a button.

It is important though to consider that there are two aspects to creating good "Mood" lighting. First is the initial lighting design. Second is the design of the control system. Together when done well you will achieve fabulous results. However without both aspects you are unlikely to achieve anything
exciting: a ceiling full of down lighters will always be, just a ceiling full of down lighters however sophisticated the control system is, likewise a super lighting design with multiple circuits is unlikely to be used to its full potential if all you have is a bank of unsightly switches on the wall.

A carefully designed lighting system will also make your home more environmentally friendly and less costly to run. Controlling lights selectively consumes less energy and prolongs the life of the lamps.

There are a wide range of control systems available, from those suitable for a single room to scalable systems suitable for larger buildings. Numerous control interfaces in a wide variety of finishes are available, including push button panels, touch screens, apps for iPad and android devices, remote controls, motion sensors and input units for integrating into 3rd party equipment. Any light is controllable, with virtually all of them dimmable to some extent. Most control systems can also fully integrate with home automation systems.

We have extensive experience of specifying, installing and programming control systems and we are completely free from all manufacturer allegiances. We will always recommend the most appropriate control system for a client's brief and budget.

Find out how intelligent lighting control can improve your environment by contacting us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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