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Event Lighting and Power

Using the extensive experience I have gained working in the entertainment industry, I can in addition to permanent lighting design, also offer lighting design for your temporary events and functions.

Whether it's for a main stage, product launch, exhibition, conference or a smaller production such as a wedding, garden party, community centre or school show, then I can help you. I will work closely with you to design a lighting scheme that creates an atmosphere and environment to impress. This is achieved by careful consideration of the particular requirements of each event. I can supply expert crew and technical support to ensure your production runs smoothly.  No show is too big or too small; I can tailor my service to meet your needs. All of my projects receive the same level of service and design creativity no matter what the size or budget.

I can provide these services within permanent venues or your own site. As well as the design service, using my numerous contacts, I can source the lighting and power distribution required for the event. I have a wealth of experience working in environments ranging from airports, marinas and city centres to village halls and gardens.

I have knowledge and access to an extensive range of electrical equipment available to suit all environments, including:  

  • All aspects of lighting from fairy lights to the latest intelligent lighting and LED's
  • Dimming/Relay racks and Control systems
  • Ground and aerial support equipment
  • Muted and Super-Silenced Generators
  • Temporary and Emergency Lighting
  • Rubber weatherproof electrical distribution units and Transformers
  • Tough Rubber Sheathed Cables and Adapters
  • Safety Ramps and Barrier systems

All electrical systems will be installed and tested in accordance with BS 7909:2008 Code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes - so you can be sure it's safe and fit for purpose.

Although the main emphasis of these services is the lighting design of temporary productions, I can also help and advise on the design of lighting fixtures, control and power solutions for permanent installations. Including but not limited to:

  • Studios and local theatres
  • Schools and Community Halls
  • Bars and Clubs
  • Architectural and Exteriors

If you think your production could benefit from my services or you require a temporary power solution then please get in contact with me.

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